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25 Oct

5 Memory Hacks to Trigger Quick Learning!

What if we told you that anyone can have an exceptional memory? How about we think of it as a technique, rather than a last-minute learning bustle? The technique is what needs mastering. Memory is not only academically relevant in your growing/learning years but as you grow up, you shall realize the importance of remembering names, faces, discussions, anecdotes etc. It even makes you a superior conversationalist. Memory helps you build character. The more you retain in your mind, the more you are capable of exploration and experimentation. And if the technique is tamed, it is more effortless than it sounds.

Let’s look at some memory hacks to get better at the memory game!

  • 1. Bite-sized inputs- Studies have shown that information that is supplied in small chunks to your brain, tends to register more effectively than tons of it crammed together. So, feed your brain regularly, but do not overload it. You will see that you retain more this way and naturally! You may use flashcards or even sticky notes to read till your mind becomes accustomed to picking up bits on its own.
  • 2. Visual Aids- Have you noticed how specific memories are associated with specific visuals/smells? While this happens unconsciously, we can make a conscious effort at this by using mind maps/whiteboards or by simply putting pen to paper. The things we see generally tend to make a more lasting impact than the things we read. Isn’t that scene in a particular movie easier to recall than a paragraph you read in the book?
  • 3. Weave a story- Stories stay with you. Even better the stories being narrated by you. Knit a story with all the information available or make it a song even! It will be forever imprinted on your minds. That is how children at very young ages learn most. Remember the ABC’s? An even better way is to weave a story and tell a friend. The more you speak it out, the more permanently it shall register.
  • 4. Memory aiding games/apps- Technology has its flip sides, but has its pros too! There are a plethora of memory training games/apps available for brain-workout. Try spending some of your free time on these apps, rather than the regular hunting/fighting ones. Your minds will be much calmer and thus will be able to grasp more content. Agitated/Rushed minds make for very short attention spans.
  • 5. Outlining- Rather than jumping into the material, understand the outline of it first and identify the keywords. Gaining a broader perspective helps an individual to fill in the details as you read along. For eg: When reading about how photosynthesis works, first understand the outcome. Once that is established, the process will become simpler to remember. Always helps to note down the salient points and stitch them together. Give it a try?

We all, both underestimate and overestimate our memory capabilities in different walks of life. However, a good start is to work on your subconscious memory with the above-stated methods. It allows you to look beyond what meets your eye. You will start memorizing without an effort and hence thrive for the next levels of learning. Let’s master our learning patterns!