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28 Dec

5 ways to cope healthily with failures

It just so happens that the younger we are, the more fulfilled we are. We get most of the things we need/want and there are hardly any dark moments. However, as we start our journey towards adulthood, we begin to taste the bitterness of disappointments/failures. Does it affect you more than others? Do you think you could have done something differently and avoided the failure? Well, let us try and look at it differently, shall we?

A failed test, a lost match, a social media fiasco or the varying complexities of relationships- disappointments touch us in many ways. But do you that when J.K. Rowling finally finished the Harry Potter books after 7 years, all the 12 major publishing houses rejected her the books? Failure is a part of life and is a temporary phase, much like success. The beauty of life is in its continuity- when you move, the world around you keeps moving.

Let us look at a few ways that will help you to deal with these situations better-

Talk it out with family/adults

More often than we might imagine, our family has the most unique ways of helping us out in hard times. Not just family, our teachers, coaches or mentors can help you gain a lot of perspective on the situation you find yourself in. Their experience in life makes for the best advice. Try it out!

Try something new/fun

Bad day? Lost match? Low scores? Let's go bowling! Or better, to a trampoline park? Odd, you think? Actually, there is no design to mourn a bad phase. It is up to us, how soon we get out of it. And the human mind craves happiness. We love to move on, only if we ourselves to.

Indulge in creative art

Time and again, studies have proven that indulging in art brings a sense of peace and satisfaction. Also, helps to improve your concentration. No matter what your interest is- colours, pottery, dancing, music or even drama. Let your thoughts flow and get transported to a parallel world through art.

Spend time with friends

Your friends are often the most fun sounding boards. They can laugh with you at all the things going bad and still make you feel like the world is in the right place. Spend some time with them. Talk it out or just in silence, they are the bright lights in your tunnel of life.

Set a new Goal

Having said the above, it is for sure that if a failure at something has affected you this much, it must mean a lot. Hence, our objective here is not to forget about it but to give it sometime. Once that is done, let us revisit the causes and set a goal for next time. If Maths is a problem, let us face the subject head-on. Remember, nothing is unachievable. Just, go for it!

Disappointment builds resilience and makes you more capable of facing the next adventure. As your mind tunes itself with it, you will always find yourself one step ahead of the situation- always knowing what could go wrong, and preparing yourself for it. You might not be able to avoid failures but you will definitely be more able to face them. Think of it as a cricket game life plays with you. It keeps dropping Googlies and you keep knocking the ball out of the ground! Be you, be fearless.